18 Inch Hair: 3 Things To Consider Before Buying

18 inch hair is not the highest inch of hair and for that it is considered as a medium length hair. To know if your hair is up to 18 inch, you must measure it from the hair root to the hair tail. The 18 inch hair is neither short nor too long, it is an average hair. The hair helps to enhance and sharpen the appearance of many ladies that is why they like it.

The 18 inch is the perfect hair inch for ladies who loves shoulder length styles. This hair is supposed to reach your mid back but the height of the person using it will determine if the hair will be shorter than your mid back or it will be longer than your mid back. 


When you want to buy an 18 inch hair, there are certain things that must be considered. They are;

1. The Type of Hair Material Used

Hair material is one of the factors that should be considered when buying an 18” hair. The hair material is a type of material that is used in making wigs. The hair material are of two types, they are; synthetic hair and human. The synthetic hairs are hairs that is made from fibre and the synthetic hair does not last long while the human hair are hairs that are made from 100% unprocessed human hair.

18 Inch Hair
18 Inch Hair

The human hair is durable. So, anytime you want to buy an 18 inch hair, you should consider buying a human hair especially when you have the finances because of its quality and also durability.

2. Style

Another thing to consider when buying an 18″ hair is the style of the hair. The hair comes in different styles. It could be 18 inch body wave hair, 18 inch curly wave hair, 18 inch straight hair, 18 inch water wave hair. So when buying an 18 inch hair, you should consider the style that suits your taste and preference.

3. Colour

Colour is another factor that must be considered when you are buying an 18 inch hair. 18″ hair comes in different colors. Some are maroon, others are brown, blonde and even chocolate color. When it comes to getting an 18 inch hair based on it color, you need to be more attentive to your skin. You must make sure that the color of the hair you are choosing blends with your skin color.


All the 18″ hair that is produce cannot stop at same length. This is so because hairs comes in different styles like 18 inch straight hair, 18 inch curly hair, 18 inch deep wave hair. This simply means that the hairs are of different texture. If I’m measuring a curly hair, I will have to stretch the curly hair in order to get the correct inch but if I’m measuring a straight hair, there is no need of me stretching the hair because already the hair is straight.

In this case, if I should wear this hair in order to compare their length, the length of the straight hair will not be the same as that of the curly hair. This is because the curly hair was stretched when it was measured but the straight hair was not. Despite the difference in the length, the both hairs are still 18 inch hairs. Putting on this hair, it is pertinent to note that 18 inch straight hair alone that has the highest length because like the curly hair, because of the curls, the length will not be the same with that of straight hair.


18 inch hair is very popular in Vietnam. Vietnam is the country that has the largest market for 18 inch straight hair. This is because, in Vietnam, their girls are born with straight hairs.

18 Inch Hair
18 Inch Hair


Do you want to style your 18 inch hair and you have skeptical on which style to go for, then you must consider this things before styling your 18 inch hair.

  • Face Shape: The number one thing you should consider when choosing a style for your 18 inch hair is your face shape. Everyone do not have the same face shape and with this, there will be differences in the kind of style that you should make. Some people are born with round shape face, others with square shape face, heart shape face and others with long shape face.


The cost of 18 inch hair in USA varies. This is because the hair comes in different styles such as 18 inch straight hair, 18 inch deep wave hair, 18 inch curly hair. The color of the hair also affects the cost of the hair too. Below are the cost of 18 inch hair based on their style and the color in the USA;

  • 18 inch golden brown wavy hair cost $153.90
  • 18 inch ombre wavy hair cost $165
  • 18 inch balayage Remy straight hair cost $165.16
  • 18 inch black Remy straight hair cost $142
  • 18 inch blue Remy straight hair cost $142.64
  • 18 inch platinum blonde hair cost $161
  • 18 inch burmese curly hair cost $119
  • 18 inch raw Malaysian curly hair cost $129

The hair material used for 18 inch hair also affect the cost of the hair in USA. If the hair is made from human hair, then it will cost about $200-$500 but if it is made from synthetic fibre, then it will cost about $100-$300. 


If you are looking for an average hair that is neither too short nor too long, then you have to consider 18 inch hair. This hair is now trending and most ladies consider it to be the hair with a perfect length. 18 inch hair can be styled in different ways depending on your face shape, personality and even your lifestyle. 

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