• Powerlife Kuding Tea

    Powerlife Kuding Tea

    Powerlife Kuding Tea  cures stroke, diabetes, brings down high blood pressure and high sugar level, it also treat insomnia, etc

    Health Benefits of Powerlife Kuding Tea

    ✓prevents diarrhea and digestion phlegm.

    ✓controls high blood sugar

    ✓ control diabetes. Prevent toothache and arthritis

    ✓control insomnia ✓reduces blood fat

    ✓ anti-oxidant and inflammation.

    ✓lower high blood pressure.


    A pack contains 20 sachets and each sachet can be brewed up to three times.

    Place your order through WhatsApp 09079508492

  • Powerlife Ginger Soup

    Powerlife Ginger Soup

    Power life Ginger soup contains gingerol with medicinal functions . It provides a lot of health benefits which include the lowering of sugar and cholesterol , treat the problem of indigestion and many more. It provides the body with the useful energy to carry out daily activities. This tea is recommended for every household. The tea soup should be taken with warm water.


  • Powerlife Multiple Stem Cell

    Powerlife Multiple Stem Cell

    The combination of powerlife stem cell with Kuding tea produces an excellent result for the management diabetes.

    To use powerlife stem cell is very simple.  A pack contains 20 sachets.  You can either put one sachet in a glass of water, stir it and drink. or put it on the lower part of your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

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