How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extension refers to the human or synthetic hair that is added to a person’s natural hair to make it look longer. When getting hair extensions, you can use human hair or synthetic hair depending on your budget. If you have the money, it is advisable to go for human hair extensions because it is easy to take off and last longer than the synthetic hair extensions. In the USA, you can buy your hair extensions from this online stores, market hair extensions and saloon Labs.


Using hair extension comes with a lot of benefits;

1. Longer Hair: One of the benefit of using hair extension is that hair extension helps people with short natural hairs to rock a long hair.

2. Colored Hair: Most people always want to rock a colored hair but they can’t do so because if they apply the color that this made with harsh chemicals, it can destroy their natural hair. So for this reason, they won’t be able to apply different colors to their hair but the use of hair extension has change things. Hair extension allow you to rock different colors of hair.

3. Bad Haircut: Another benefit of hair extension is that it helps to cover bad haircut.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost
How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost


There are different application method of hair extension. They are;

1. Clip-in Hair Extension

The clip-in hair extension is the easiest method of applying and removing hair extension. This method of applying hair extension is really best for women who likes to change their hair every night. They can easily be taken care of and they can last for a period of six months to one year. Clip-in hair extension can be treated by brushing, add shampoo and condition the hair then allow it to air dry.

2. Sew-in Hair Extension

The sew-in hair extension method is also called the “old school method” of installing permanent hair extension. This is fine when the stylist see wefts of hair to attach to micro braids. This method is best applied on natural hair.

3. Tape-in Hair Extension

This method is preferred by most stylist. It is the newest method of installing semi permanent hair extension. This is done when two thin layers of weft sandwich your natural strands and then heated to seal the bond. After the bond has been sealed, the hair should not be washed in three days in order to secure the bond. The tape-in hair extension requires a lot of attention and care in order to maintain the hair.


When buying hair extension, people always want to get quality hair extension but in most cases this has not been realistic because hair extension companies are not sincere about the quality of their hairs. In order for you to get a quality hair extension, there are things you must look out for before buying them and they are:

1. Bet Hair Texture: When buying an hair extension, you must look for the best hair extension that will fit in with your hair and look natural. Everybody have a different hair texture. While some are straight, some could be curly and others could be thick, thin and wavy hair texture. So, find the one that will blend very well with your hair texture.

2. Buy Remy Hair And Not Non Remy Hair: In order for you to get a quality hair extension, you must make sure that the hair extension you are buying is 100% Remy hair and not a Non Remy hair. Remy hair is just like the natural human hair. You can wash it, color and heat style it. It is very soft and can last longer than a non remy hair. The non remy hair is a synthetic hair. It is the opposite of what a remy hair is.

3. Origin Of The Hair: Another thing you must look out for when buying an hair extension is the origin of the hair. In order to get quality hair extension, you must buy hair from countries like China, India and Russia.

How Much Do Hair Extension Cost
How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost


Hair extension are best when natural hair is used rather than a synthetic hair. Below are 8 clip-in hair extension that you can use with natural hair.

  • Goo Goo clip-in hair extension
  • Rose bud clip-in hair extension
  • Hetto blonde clip-in hair extension
  • Remy hair extension blonde mixed with brown balayage
  • 16inch dark brown hair extension
  • Dark brown clip-in hair extension
  • Atbearing PU clip-in hair
  • K’ryssma clip-in hair extension


Many do ask if they can fix their hair extension alone. The answer is yes but you need to outweigh the pros and cons of you doing it by yourself because a lot of things can go wrong if you do it by yourself. If the pros of you doing it by yourself is more than the cons, then you can do it but if the cons are more than the pros, then it is better for you to add money and take it to a professional.


Talking about how much do hair extensions cost, the cost of hair extension cannot be static. This is because the cost of hair extension varies based on the length, the quantity and quality of the hair extension. Based on the above factors that has been said to affect the cost of hair extensions, the cost of hair extensions are as follows;

  • Full head of quality hair extensions can cost about $1,000 to $2,500.
  • Sew-in hair extensions will cost $130 to $200.
  • Tape-in hair extensions will cost above $200.
  • Clip-in hair extensions will cost $300 to $500.


Hair extensions are life savers especially for ladies with low cuts and short hairs. The major benefit of hair extensions is to make your hair look longer. Apart from a professional stylist who handles your hair extensions, you can also do your hair extensions by yourself but before that, you compare the pros and cons of doing it yourself. The cost of hair extensions varies but based in the research carried out, the maximum cost of hair extensions is about $3,000.