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Health Benefits of Norland Immune + capsules.

(1) It serves as an immune boaster to bilogical systems.

(2)It provides immunity against every form of diseases

(3)Immnue + is an anti-aging norland herbal product which gives one a youthful appearance,

(4)It increases and provides immunity against diseases like : Malaria, Typhoid, headaches, high blood pressure, pneumonia, organs inflammation, arthritis  and many others.

(5) A pack contains 60 capsules per bottle which should be taken one capsule, twice daily.

(6) This product is recommended to all.

Note that this product is given at a cheap and discounted price of N14,500.00 only


There are several symptoms used in recognizing immune deficiency in biological systems. Immune + capsules is an extract from soyabean, isoflavone, lecithin, glycerin, gelatin, and distill water. Norland Immue + capsules serves as an immune boaster against every form of immune deficiency diseases which include: Malaria, Typhoid, Pneumonia, bronchitis, organ inflamation, skin diseases , recurrence headaches and many others. Immune + capsules also provide immunity against high blood pressure.

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Norland Immune + Capsules


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