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The following products enlisted below are the combinations of Norland Products for Fibroid;

GI Vital softgel, Female Health Care Pad, Norland Panty liner and Anion Sanitary Napkin

Benefits of Norland Products for Fibroid

Gastrointestinal Capsules

  • Mebo GI capsules is Magic Capsule for stem cell regeneration therapy. It regenerates cells, tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and other cells. It regenerates and restores the skin leaving a new and younger look. It has anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-tumour properties.
  • Enhances the rate of fibroid removal without surgery by acting on the fibroid tumour to break them down. The Vitamin E present in Mebo GI capsules helps in this process.
  • Improves eye-sight and prevents Cataracts and Glaucoma
  • Strengthens the immune system especially in HIV and cancer patients
  • Prevents the onset of stomach ulcer and treats ulcer by 100%
  • It regenerates and rejuvenated dead cells and tissues in the body
  • Enhances absorption of nutrients from food, prevents absorption of fat
  • Maintains homeostasis of the body
  • Prevention and relief of GI tract disorders
  • It has the ability to improve hair and skin Health
  • Stimulates strong bone growth
  • Reduces blood pressure and enables you to sleep very well
  • Extends lifespan by regenerating the cells by over 100%
  • It prevents/take away the side effects associated with other drugs such as antibiotics, ibuprofen etc


Female Health Care Pad

For comfortable menstruation, warm hands and feet, better sleep, slim body shape.

Larger chest and breast, allows you to enjoy sex to the fullest

Smoother skin and better complexion.

Eliminates virginal infections and ovarian cyst, aids in fertility, corrects irregular menstruation and delays menopause.

It enhances joy and sexual satisfaction in marital life. It tightens the vagina especially for women who have given birth. Allows you to heal faster after childbirth.

Female Health Care Pad is also suitable for;

  • Women who suffer from reproductive and urinary system diseases such as leucorrhoea abnormality, irregular menstruation, vaginal itching, dysmenorrhoeal, vaginal relaxation and dryness, sex pain, sexual debility and depression-aging.


  • Mostly women who are in sub-health conditions and suffer from dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreaminess, night sweat, immunity decline, pain in waist and back, limb weakness, dark complexion, dry wrinkles, colour spots, pimples and sexual debility.


  • Women who are under potential risk of major diseases such as colpomycosis, bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, cervical polyp, cervical hypertrophy, cervical erosion, cervical cancer and breast cancer.


Benefits of Norland Anion Panty Liner

Eliminates vaginal odour, prevents itching, resist bacteria on the outside, and forestall diseases within the body.

Promotes blood circulation and eliminates ovarian cyst

Prevents gynaecological diseases, improve inflammation-diminishing and sterilization

Removes waste toxins, nourish ovary for long-term

Promotes oxygen to the womb and helps to unblock Fallopian tube

Purifies blood by increasing alkalinity and balancing minerals in blood.

Kills 99.9% bacteria and prevents cervical cancer and aids in fibroid removal without surgery

Detoxifies and treats skin disorder.


Benefits of Anion Sanitary Pad

The Anion Sanitary Pad contains a Negative ions strip that many users have testified on several occasions of being able to treat the following infections;

  1. Vaginal itching
    2. Pelvic Inflammation
    3. Contact Dermatitis
    4. Yeast Infection (Vaginal Candidiasis)
    5. Fallopian tube infection
    6. Uterine fibroids/ infections
    7. Cervical Erosion
    8. Ovarian Cysts
    9. Genital Herpes
    10. Irregular menstrual cycle
    11. Bladder Infection
    12. Excessive vaginal and smelly discharge

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of your fibroid. If your fibroid is in cm or very large size or multiple fibroid, we recommend a 3 months treatment for complete removal. However, if the fibroid is in mm or in small sizes, we recommend 1-2 months treatment for complete removal.





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Norland Products for Fibroid

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