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Men Health Care Pad is basically use for:

(1)Men who suffers from reproductive and urinary system diseases such as incessant/frequent urination, haemorrhoid  , sexual dysfunction etc.

(2) Those men suffering from dizziness, weakness, Insomnia and memory deterioration.

How to use men health care pad

Men Health care pad is use for the prevention of prostrate enlargement/cancer which is very common among men in their late thirties and early forties.

(1) Remove the pad and place on your pant or boxer

(2)Allow your scrotum to rest on the pad

(3) Use the pad between 4-6hours

(4) Dispose it after usage


Norland men health care pad is the best pantyliner with a high success rate for detoxification and prevention of prostate cancer. It is comprises of the best combination of herbal essence , Ge ion energy , anion energy and far infrared technology.


Functions of Norland Men Health care Nouripad

(1) It boast sperm count and enhances fertility.

(2) It  prevents prostate enlargement and cancer.

(3)It enhances proper sleep

(4) It gives joy and sexual satisfaction.

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Wuqing Men Health care pad

Norland Wuqing Men Health Care Nouripad


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