Small Generator Price In Nigeria

small generator price in nigeria

One might wonder the cost of a small generator price in Nigeria. A small generator is a must have household gadget or equipment in Nigeria. This is an item that is owned by families and businesses. Due to the poor power supply in Nigeria, small generators are a very common household item, especially for people … Read more

Odogwu Bitters Price in Nigeria

Odogwu bitters price in Nigeria

Odogwu bitters is the newest alcoholic herbal drink prepared from well and carefully selected  local herbs. It’s high effectively hot drink that promises to help eradicate infections and also boost libido. Odogwu Bitter Benefits This energy booster helps in increasing the sexual urge and libodo and provides antioxidants that boost the sex drive. Contains some … Read more

Miira Cell Price in Nigeria

Miira cell is a stem cell product for the treatment for over 134 diseases including glaucoma because it has the potential of protecting the optic nerves of the eye from damage and slow the progression of vision loss. It has the potential to replace ocular tissues that have degenerated in eyes with glaucoma. It is very … Read more

Astymin Blood Tonic Price in Nigeria

astymin blood tonic

Astymin Blood Tonic is one of the blood tonics for weight gain that helps in the proper circulation of blood. It is one of the top selling brands of multivitamin and multimineral supplements. It is a unique essential combination of amino acid and multivitamins formulated with nutrients that improve energy metabolism, accelerate physical and mental growth, improve the … Read more

SMA Gold Price

sma gold price

Let’s look at Sma gold prices in Nigeria, the ingredients and the different types. There are many substitute for breastmilk nursing mothers can choose from to feed their babies. One of such is SMA Gold. This special milk was formulated for babies whose mothers, for whatever reasons, opt to bottle-feed, formula-feed, or combine-feed their children. … Read more