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Powerlife Ginger Soup

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Power life Ginger soup contains gingerol with medicinal functions . It provides a lot of health benefits which include the lowering of sugar and cholesterol , treat the problem of indigestion and many more. It provides the body with the useful energy to carry out daily activities. This tea is recommended for every household. The tea soup should be taken with warm water.


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Powerlife ginger soup is one of the most effective product that contains gingerol with powerful medicinal properties. This product has a lot of  nutritional functions and benefits. Few of these functions are:

(1) Prevents cancer

(2)Its reduces menstrual pain

(3) It helps in lowering choresterol

(4) Improves brain function and protect Aizheimer’s disease.

(5) Ginger soup lowers blood sugar drastically which is one of the risk factor of heart disease.



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