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Powerlife Kuding Tea is a Kuding tea with a difference. it cures stroke, diabetes, brings down high blood pressure and high sugar level, it also deals wit insomnia, etc

Health Benefits of Powerlife Kuding Tea

✓prevents diarrhea and digestion phlegm.

✓controls high blood sugar

✓ control diabetes. Prevent toothache and arthritis

✓control insomnia ✓reduces blood fat

✓ anti-oxidant and inflammation.

✓lower high blood pressure.

✓ prevent itching and red eyes

✓increase coronary blood flow.

✓reliefs headache and general body pains

✓ reduces dizziness, fatigue and fever

✓prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

A sample that was given out was used to treat a man with stroke and diabetes, after taking the tea for 7 days, the man started walking on his own. And his blood sugar reduced drastically. For effective results, use it with Multiple Stem Cell


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