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Propolis Lecithin Capsules


Propolis Lecithin Capsules has the following ingredient.

(1) Propolis extract.

(2)Lecithin( Protecting liver and brain)

(3) Tocophenol (Dissolving agent for lipophilic substance)

(4)Flavonoids has a function to provide energy in the body, lowering blood pressure and glucose.

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Norland Propolis Lecithin Capsules is a natural antioxidant that suppresses tumor and improves immunity.

Health Benefit of Propolis

(1) It tune blood metabolites and improves immunity.

(2)It is generally describe as anti six. That is, this product is anti-infection, anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue and anti-radiation.

(3) Lecithin and protein are the most common important constituent of cell membrane.

(4)It serves as an active fat metabolism of the liver. That is,  it helps in the breaking down and removal of excess fat from the liver

(5) It kills colon cancer


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