Small Generator Price In Nigeria

One might wonder the cost of a small generator price in Nigeria. A small generator is a must have household gadget or equipment in Nigeria. This is an item that is owned by families and businesses. Due to the poor power supply in Nigeria, small generators are a very common household item, especially for people who cannot afford the bigger ones. The small generator is also known as a portable generator because of its size. They come in different sizes and capacities. The small generator works with fuel.


1. Elepaq 1.4KVA Generator: This is one of the small generators in Nigeria. Elepaq is a great generator because it’s noise level is low and its fuel storage is about 6L-7L which is a very good size for a small generator.

2. Small Tiger Generator: The small tiger generator is one of the most commonly used  small types of generators in Nigeria. It is a generator that is mostly used by students, bachelors, and even families who cannot afford the big generators. The small tiger generator can not power a fridge and an electric iron. This is because, its power capacity is small and is only enough to power items like phones, television sets and fans.

3. Sumec Firman 1.8KVA Generator: Another excellent small generator in Nigeria is the Sumec Furman 1.8KVA. This generator has the same KVA as the Elepaq 1.8KVA. The Sumec firrman 1.8KVA generator is made up of frames that are produced with metals that help to protect the generator’s engine  from damage. Its engine is also made in such a way to prevent it from being affected by its fuel storage capacity is about 5.5L and is a manual generator.

4. Sumec Firman 2.5KVA Generator: Sumec Gorman 2.5kva is also a type of small generator in Nigeria. This generator outperforms the sumec firman 1.8kva generator in terms kVA. It is a generator that comes with two tyres and also its engine is built in such a way that moisture is far from it. This generator does not have a low power supply. It is capable of powering electric iron and even televisions. The Sumec Firman 2.5kva generator has a fuel capacity of about 15L and you can start the generator either with its key or manually.

5. Tiger TG200 Generator:  Tiger tg200 generator is also a type of small generator. It is seen as one of the cheapest generator in Nigeria. Tiger tg200 generator and small tiger generator are both product from the same brand. The difference between them is that Tiger tg200 generator has a fuel storage capacity of about 12L and it also made up of metallic frames to safeguard it’s engine.

6. Elepaq 1.8KVA Generator: This is a type of small generator that comes with a fuel storage capacity of about 8L. It’s KVA is greater than that Elepaq 1.4kva generator. It is a manual generator.

7. Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator:  Elepaq 3.5kva generator is a small generator which has a higher jva than Elepaq 1.4jva and Elepaq 1.8kva. It is a manual generator and it’s fuel storage capacity is 15L. It has the ability to power items like fridge and  pressing iron.

small generator price in nigeria
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Basically, the general function of a small generator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, thereby producing a power supply. Aside from the general function of a small generator, the small generator is made up of different parts and each of these parts performs its own function. Below are some of the different parts and their function

Fuel system: The fuel system is made up of the fuel pump, fuel injector, fuel tank and fuel filter. In general, the function of the fuel system is to help transport fuel from other storage to the engine in order to create electricity.

Engine: The engine is the most important part of a small generator because the generator cannot function without it.

• Cooling and exhaust system: A cooling system is a part in a small generator that helps to cool off heat when it is generated.

• Battery charger: The battery charger helps to keep the small generator battery charged.

• Lubricating system: The lubricating system helps to lubricate certain parts of the engine with engine oil.


When purchasing a small generator, people ask about what the small generator can power. The items that can be powered by a small generator depend on the capacity of the generator. By capacity, it simply means the KVA of the generator. The KVA which means Kilovolt-amps is used to measure the power of the generator. It is also called “apparent”. Therefore, small generators with a low KVA will only be able to power items like DVD player, televisions, phones and lamps but small generators with a high KVA of about 2.5 and 3.5 can be used to power pressing irons and fridges.


In Nigeria, there are different types of small generators and these generators are of different brands and capacities. So, therefore, the price is affected by some factors which are below:

1. The capacity of the generator: One of the factors that affect the price of a small generator is the generator’s capacity. Capacity in this context refers to the amount of electricity that the generator can produce.

2. The difference in brands: Small generators in Nigeria are of different brands such like Tiger, Sumec and Elepaq. The prices of these small generators can be influenced by the brands.


There is no static price for small generators in Nigeria. This is because this small generator comes in different capacities and their prices are based on this factor.

  • Elepaq 1.4 KVA Generator: The Elepaq 1.4KVA generator has a maximum price of 50,000 naira.
  • Small Tiger Generator: The price of a small tiger generator ranges from 45,000 naira as the minimum price and 60,000 naira as the maximum price
  • Sumec Firman 1.8KVA Generator: This small generator has a minimum price of 95,000 naira.
  • Sumec Firman 2.5KVA Generator: Price ranges from 140,000 naira to 160,000 naira
  • Tiger TG200 Generator: Tiger TG200 generator has a minimum price of 60,000 naira and a maximum price of 65,000 naira.
  • Elepaq 1.8KVA Generator: The price of this small generator in Nigeria has a minimum price of 55,000 naira and a maximum price of 60,000 naira.
  • Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator: This small generator has a minimum price of 150,000 naira.


In a country like Nigeria, where electricity is one of the major problems that the country is facing, having an alternative which is a small generator is very necessary. A Small generator serves a lot of function to families and businesses. Small generator brings power supply which helps in so many ways. It is not all generator that can power a pressing iron and a refrigerator because they do not have the same capacity and as this capacity varies, so does the price of different types of small generators.