Tikom Robot Vacuum: 5 Advantages And 5 Disadvantages

What Is TIKOM Robot Vacuum?

A tikom robotic vacuum is a self-propelled floor cleaner, it makes use of brushes, a rotating brush, or an air-driven turbine that enables it’s pick up dirt and debris from carpets and hard floors. They work on their own without the help of any human being. This tikom robot vacuum are buildup with sensors to detect obstacles in their way such as furniture, doorways, and stairs, that enable them navigate around them.

This tikom robot are specially designed for people who want to do less housework but still maintain cleanliness in their houses. Robotic vacuums are mainly corded or cordless, with different brush types for different surfaces, and run mainly on electricity or rechargeable batteries. High-end robotic vacuums usually makes use of infrared lasers to navigate spaces, while cheaper models map the floor using physical boundary stripes.

Using either sensor, robotic vacuums can detect obstacles, measure the distance they’ve traveled, detect hazards, and find new areas to clean.Note: The sensors a robotic vacuum uses and how it works depend on the manufacturer and the device model, but what’s common is the use of sensors to navigate spaces.


The tikom robot vacuum is as important as other household appliances and some reseans why we should have them are listed below:

1. They Save Cleaning Time: this is one of the major advantages of having a robotic vacuum. It’s frees up time otherwise spent in cleaning. One can spend time doing other most important things at home and still be assured that the entire house is clean. Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaning schedule can be program so it won’t get in your way when one is trying to get other stuff done.

2. They Can Clean Underneath Furniture: Tikom robot vacuum has the capacity to clean under finiture that seems very stressful for humans because one has be kneeling or lifting heavy and big furniture to clean underneath them which makes the cleaning experience much worse but because robot vacuum are small sizes it’s allows them great maneuverability, such that they can easily clean underneath beds and sofas.

3. They Can Be Used for Emergency Cleaning: A robotic vacuum cleaner can be of a great reputation saver in those days when one don’t feel like cleaning and an unexpected visitors shows up which usually ends up with us giving a bad impression of ourselves. 

4. Sets Boundaries: Another great advantage of robot vacuum cleaners is their inherent ability to perform in — and only in — a given space that they are programmed for.For example,if you have children playing in another room while the product is operating, you can set virtual walls in the programming function to prevent the machine from going across doorways and other openings. Likewise, if you have pets alone at home while the machine is operating, you can easily limit the scope of the machine so it won’t frighten them.

5. Ideal Solution For The Handicapped And Elderly: People with mobility issues, such as the elderly and handicapped, can truly benefit from owning a tikom robot vacuum cleaner because it is easier to use and has a hands-free operation, a robot vacuum cleaner can be a liberating product for this demographic, who would otherwise be forced to hire house-cleaners at a much greater expense. 

Note: Tikom robot vacuum has the capacity of working on all types of surfaces, autonomous vacuum cleaners are able to tackle all types of dirt as well. From dust that has barely settled to deeply-embedded debris in your carpet, the vast majority of these vacuums are designed with increasingly powerful suction capabilities, despite their compact size.

Because of its built-in sensors, the machines has the ability to detect the amount of cleaning required in different situations and will repeatedly go over an area until it is clean. This level of detail when it comes to cleaning is unmatched in other similar products.

Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum


Robotic vacuums have proven to be an invaluable tool for people with mobility issues and for those who just hate vacuuming by themselves. But as helpful as they are, they are not without their limitations and some of its limitations are:

1. They’re Not Entirely Hands-off: A tikom Robot vacuum is not totally hands-off . They still totally require human assistance because they can easily get stuck ,they are also possibilities that they can get stuck under things like furniture and doorways or snag on other objects. chances are very high for a robotic vaccum to get stuck while cleaning and it’s requires attention especially if things are not properly arranged and are left lying around in the house. 

2. They’re Expensive: Tikom Robotic vacuums are more expensive than standard vacuums and this is because they require extra technology to function, such as sensors, computer brains, and a complicated cleaning system.

3. They Don’t Work Well on Carpeted Surfaces: Tikom Robotic vacuum cleaners are not as effective on carpeted surfaces because their movement are hindered, they can not move and glide easily. Most models have a habit of becoming stuck in the carpet fabric, which causes them to stop working automatically. Additionally, it can be hard for these vacuums to differentiate between clean and dirty areas on carpets because of their shaggy nature.

4. They Don’t Clean as Well as a Traditional Vacuum Cleaner: Robotic vacuum cleaners do not pick up dirt and debris as much as a standard vacuum cleaner. They usually have a smaller intake because they do not suck up large amounts of dust from the floor. Furthermore, depending on the shape of your room, your robot vacuum won’t make it into the corner, as it simply cannot reach.

5. They May Dent Furniture: Robotic vacuum cleaners are programmed to bounce back after hitting obstacles and may chip away paint at the edges of doors and furniture if they hit them frequently.


A robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to home because it’s provides one with more time to do the things we enjoy most – that is unless your thing is vacuuming. Robot vacuums are compact and do not take up too much additional space in the house and are a great addition to the general home cleaning arsenal.

They’re not quite advanced enough to replace your trusty upright or cylinder vacuum yet but our guess is it won’t be long until they can. Note: Please fully charge robot before use. Manually align the Charging Contacts on the bottom of the robot with those on the Charging Station.